Каталози и брошури

Gosselin GmbH

logo_GosselinSolutions in order to make the sampling and analysis process in medical, pharmaceutical, food industry and environmental laboratories easier and safer. 

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Membrane Solution LLC

logo-Membrane-solutionsMembrane Solutions LLC is specialized in filters and fluid control device including design, development of new products. 

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ITW Texwipe GmbH

logo-ITWTexwipe is a worldwide leader in contamination control supplies and critical cleaning products including lint free clean room wipers, cleanroom swabs, cleanroom stationery, sterile products, adhesive mats and more. 

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Sampling Sistems GmbH

logo-samplingOur huge portfolio of samplers and accessories includes a large range of single use, disposable samplers for powders, granules and liquids as well as an enormous range of reusable sampling probes for all types of products. 

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